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Now doing an Internet Radio Show on Spreaker playing the best variety of Indie Music!! Click below to hear shows I've done and when I'm live you can click on the show and come right in!! If you are an Indie artist that plays rock, pop, r&b, country, dance or folk, submit your music to alaurie67@hotmail for consideration!!

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​​​​​​​I am a die hard fan of a lot of artists, just like you! I was in radio for many years, but have decided to go on my own. I will be having conversations with stars, all types of stars, will play their music if they are musicians, put their pictures up if they are actors, or pictures of their work, whatever it may be, as well as showcasing new artists of any genre or type! I will also be having conversations with non-profit organizations, such as animal rescue, addictions, ADHD, RA and other chronic diseases and disabilities on Ally's Awareness Avenue. I will also be helping small businesses get their products out there. I hope you come along for the ride and help make one of my dreams come true and hopefully yours as well! Smile and let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile! All my conversations are not edited, if I can help it! They are real, raw, fun and personable! Oh and I say awesome...aaaalot lol! Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do!

A Proven Track Record

Ally's Attic Show won for Producer of the Year!!! I was nominated for Promoter and Publicist of the Year by my fans and peers! Plus my fan club, Ally's Attic Fans, was nominated for Fan Club of the Year!! Thank you kdubhitcountry.com! The website has been going strong since 2017! It's not slowing down, nor will I let it! I've had amazing artists of all types and some great people that support great charities as well as humanitarians, I still will be. This is my passion and I'm full steam ahead!

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Joe Bonsall / Oak Ridge Boy and author


I can now say that I have had the honor of being in Ally’s Attic, and it is a wonderful place. For a while now, Ally has provided a place for veteran acts, like The Oak Ridge Boys, to talk about their career achievements and updates. However, she also provides a forum for new and upcoming acts to be heard. Truth be told, helping young acts gain some much-needed exposure is where Ally’s heart and soul really dwell — and that work is so very important. Ally and I are like minds in that we both encourage aspiring musicians to follow their dreams and their hearts, to not give up on themselves. In the Oaks' younger days, this is exactly what Johnny Cash told us, and it meant the world to us. Ally, your “attic” is doing that very same thing TODAY!!!!

Patrick aka Ghostly Beard


If you want to hear about your favorite unsigned artists or discover new ones, or learn about non-profit organizations, there’s no better place than Ally’s Attic! It’s cozy and warm, and guaranteed without cobwebs! Ally’s interviews are always deep and thoughtful, her enthusiasm is infectious, so much so that it feels like you’re chatting with a dear friend and ready to confide even more than you would have thought possible… you never know what you’re going to find in Ally’s Attic, so visit often!

Faith and Harry Rowan

Faith and Harry Rowan

We've done lots of interviews in the last two years, but truly our favorite was the time we spent with Ally. Within five minutes your her best friend, she has this gift of holding a conversation that feels like you've always known her. She really knew who we were, so there won't those usual sticky breaks when people don't know what to say. We think Ally is Canada's Ellen she has the same love for people and people love her. In fact we can't wait to chat to her again Ally is awesome. Faith & Harry Rowan.

Dr. Jimmy Star


Ally's Attic Show is a breath of fresh air... A wonderful achievement showcasing up and coming new talent and seasoned professionals in an engaging and entertaining style.  Ally's passion for entertainment of all kinds shines through in her heartwarming interviews with some of the best new artists on the planet, as well as industry veterans bringing a wonderful mix of great entertainment for the whole family. I highly recommend everyone to tune in as Ally contributes her skills and compassion to help make other people's dreams a reality. Kudos!!

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