Ally's Awareness Avenue

Talking about life!

I will be talking to guests about life issues. Depression, anxiety, non profit organizations, humanitarians and small businesses who are making a difference. You name it, we will be talking about it!

Jorge Santana-Gay Pride Bow Ties

Jorge Santana is the President of the amazing company, Gay Pride Bowties. $5.00 from every bowtie sold goes towards different charities. This is their story. Please visit their website to read the beautiful mission statement, learn more and of course to buy a bowtie!!

Roland Vandal

This show we are talking to Roland Vandal about Mental Health. Not only is Roland a speaker across Canada and the U.S., he has a book called "Off The Ropes". You can find out more about Roland and his story on his website: Thank you for sharing your story and knowledge Roland.

Come on the show!

If you or someone you know has gone through life issues and wants to talk about it, please contact me! If you know or are  of an amazing non profit organization or a humanitarian, come on over! Small businesses contact me and we will go from there!